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Miami Sneaker Store
Do We Have Your Size?

Company Profile

Miami Sneaker Store

Urban Exposure by: Simon’s Sportswear

Urban exposure is a sneaker store in Miami Fl that holds the newest of sneakers from all brands. We have basic everyday sneakers and sportswear as well as exclusive gear. From the daily converse and Adidas to the more elegant lacoste and some rare Jordan’s too. We have a large selection of sizes and colors to match almost any look you can be going for.

Our team is extremely helpful and will guide the direction you would like to make sure the sneaker along with the gear is second to none. Expert size identifiers and extremely dedicated sales staff make sure you don’t leave our Miami sneaker store empty handed. You can call in advance and place a hold on the sneaker you want but know will be gone soon.

Exclusive Jordan’s, brand new air max’s and vintage selections as well. You can find any and all sneakers through the Simon’s Sportswear network. We have a chain of over 16 stores and continue expanding. If your sneaker is not available at our location, we will ship one to you immediately. Name brand clothing, fitted hats, jerseys, and tees are all available in all colors and sizes. Don’t just get the sneaker you’r looking for but get the complete outfit to match.

Our shipments are premier and therefore all the new and upcoming sneakers will be available at the release date and no later! We love to accommodate all of our return clients with exclusive brands and personal holds and requests. Call this Miami sneaker store today for top quality apparel at affordable prices.

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